Tightening Technology

Perfiles de Aluminio

High-end tightening technology in one tool.

Rexroth offers precise tightening technology – tools, control systems, and the corresponding accessories – for all key tightening tasks in a wide variety of industries.



Designed according to the latest findings in ergonomics, allows the user fatigue-free work in any position

Tightening spindles

Modular design, ideal adjustment to tightening case


Fits easily into the existing infrastructure of any production environment

Maintenance-free for 1 million full-load cycles, long service life


  • Ergonomic
  • Improved productivity

  • Process control and reliable quality
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Money saving energy efficiency

Electric tightening systems: intelligent, flexible, secure

  • High level of reliability through the accurate measurement of tightening parameters and digital result transmission
  • The highest degree of process security due to transducerized measurement of torque and angle
  • High performance for the most demanding applications in either manual or automated assembly systems