In aluminum profile (stock) we can sell from 30 cm until the complete strut profile, in all the accesories we can sell from one piece.

No, we are exlcusive distributors in the bajio area.

Querétaro, Irapuato, León, San Luis Potosí, Zona Metropolitana del Estado de México and Toluca.

Yes, we have counter sales in our facilities and also we offer technical support with our sales team.

It depends of the type of material that the customer requires.

Yes, we can ship the products to the states that are not cover by our partners, we do through different parcel companies that the client choose.

Yes, we have the tools in our facilities so we can cut the profile as the client want.

Yes, we assembly projects, with the support of engineering and design department.

You can find and download in our web page.

No, we only are distributors, all the profile is manufactured in Germany.